Gravitation and Cosmology

, Volume 23, Issue 4, pp 305–310 | Cite as

Does the cosmological principle exist in the rotating Universe?

  • L. M. ChechinEmail author


We find the probability density distribution of torque orientations in the Universe for the entire period of its evolution. It is shown that in the early Universe the orientation of its spin is random, and the cosmological principle is satisfied. This result is naturally consistent with the CMBisotropy. In the modern Universe the rotation axis direction becomes anisotropic, and the cosmological principle, strictly speaking, is not satisfied. This is confirmed by the large-scale anisotropy in the distribution of space objects and by the torque alignment direction. But since the value of the angular velocity of our Universe is \(\omega_{U_{n}}\sim10^{-19}\;\text{Hz}\), finding of such rotation and its influence on the natural processes is extremely difficult. So today dominates the view that the Universe is isotropic, and the cosmological principle is satisfied in it.


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  1. 1.Fesenkov Astrophysical Institute, National Center for Space Research and TechnologyAerospace Committee of MDSIAlmatyKazakhstan
  2. 2.Al-Farabi National UniversityAlmatyKazakhstan

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