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Seasonal Variations of Water Quality in the Vostok Bay, Peter the Great Gulf, the Sea of Japan


Studies of 2015 were used to characterize water in Vostok Bay (Peter the Great Gulf, the Sea of Japan) in terms of phosphate concentration, biochemical oxygen demand, and pH. The input of Ptot was found to increase considerably throughout the summer, mostly at the expense of organic phosphorus. Maximal export (500–700 µg/L) was recorded in August; BOD5 values in excess of the MAC (2.17–3.50 mg/L) were recorded from April to October. Water acidification was recorded in January (down to 6.28–6.72), April and August (down to 7.39–7.89). The substances arriving with the coastal matter runoff were shown to extend widely over the entire bay water area and to reach the seaward open part of Peter the Great Gulf, suggesting the developing intense anthropogenic load onto the region.

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  • Peter the Great Gulf
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  • Gaidamak Bay
  • Srednyaya Bay
  • phosphates
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