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Flow Estimation in a Basin by Using a Hydrological Model: Application to the Basin of Wadi Djendjen (Jijel, North-East Algeria)


The aim of this study was to transform the rain into flow in the basin of Wadi Djendjen by using a simulation model in absence of the continuous measurements of the flow. The obtained results indicated and confirmed the strong adaptability of this model with varied hydroclimatic situations. The validation process showed an interesting result, which lead to conclude that the model is well calibrated and has a good performance to be used for the basins with Mediterranean climate. The obtained results for the simulation by the GR2M model over the studied period (1973–1986) showed that there no significant difference between the obtained value for the yearly average flow (197.70 hm3) and that measured at Missa hydrometric station (200.80 hm3), which allow us to estimate quantitatively the flow in Missa hydrometric station. While, for the period of 2000–2012, the results showed that the yearly average flow value (171.90 hm3), is significantly different (reduction of 15% for 12 years), in comparison with that measured at Missa hydrometric station (200.80 hm3). This can be due to the dryness which struck the region since 2000, and the local degradation of the forest ecosystem, which has considerably affected the runoff surface.

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