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Possibility for hydroenergetic utilization of relatively researched water streams


Small mountain water streams are lately more interesting from the aspect of hydroenergetic exploitation. Catchments area of smaller rivers and creeks are mostly not enough researched from hydroenergetic aspect, so the most difficult task for small hydropower plant designers is to determine hydroenergetic potential of discussed water streams, from short period of hydrological observations. Very often happens that existing measurement stations on discussed water streams are placed few kilometers from potentially place of water intake and the value of flow is drastically different on these two locations. In this work, two methods for determination of hydrological picture for the chosen location of water intake on discussed river are shown, correlation method and analogy method. Using these methods it is possible to use data that describes measured values of discharge from the old measurement stations, that is exists on the same or adjacent river, to determine flow duration curve on the place of interests. Results given from these two methods are compared with measured values of discharge and precipitation from last period that are collected from location of planed intake. Based on the good agreement of theoretical and measured values, it was concluded that these two methods can be also applied to the adjacent basins. Suggestion of hydroenergetic utilization of discussed water stream and its economic justification is also presented in this work.

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  • water stream
  • correlation
  • analogy
  • precipitation
  • hydroenergetic utilization
  • small hydropower plant