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Increasing the Efficiency of the Electroflotation Recovery of Finely Dispersed Carbon Material in the Presence of Surfactants from Liquid Technogenic Waste


The electroflotation recovery of a finely dispersed carbon material, namely, carbon nanoflakes, from aqueous solutions in the pH range of 3.0–11.0 in the presence of different forms of surfactants has been experimentally studied. The electroflotation of carbon nanoflakes from aqueous solutions with the addition of the FeCl3 coagulant has been investigated. The experimental dependences of the degree of recovery and the electrokinetic potential on the pH value of the medium in the presence and absence of a coagulating agent have been derived. The optimal values of characteristics such as the pH value of the medium, volumetric current density, electroflotation time, and the initial concentrations of Fe3+ ions and surfactants for effective electroflotation of carbon nanoflakes have been found.

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  • high dispersity
  • carbon nanomaterials
  • carbon nanoflakes
  • electroflotation
  • recovery
  • electrokinetic potential
  • volumetric current density
  • coagulants
  • surfactants