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New ferromagnetic material based on ZnSiAs2 containing manganese

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Bulk and film samples of manganese-doped zinc-silicon diarsenide are obtained. Investigation of electrical and magnetic properties of ZnSiAs2: Mn samples showed that they possess the combination of ferromagnetic and semiconductor properties at above room temperature and are of interest as materials for spin transport.

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Correspondence to V. M. Novotortsev.

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Original Russian Text © V.M. Novotortsev, I.V. Fedorchenko, T.N. Kupriyanova, L.I. Koroleva, R. Shimchak, S.F. Marenkin, 2007, published in Khimicheskaya Tekhnologiya, 2007, Vol. 8, No. 9, pp. 385–388.

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