Venera-D Mission Scenario and Trajectory


The article describes the trajectory scenario for the Venera-D mission. The main aspects of optimal launch dates are considered. A scenario, which enables insertion of an orbiter into a highly elliptical orbit and a lander on the surface of Venus is described. Characteristics of the choice for operational orbit and scenario ensuring scientific data transfer from the lander on the surface of Venus to the Earth are justified. In addition, possibilities of transfer of a small satellite to the vicinity of the collinear Lagrangian point of the Sun-Venus system, and also a subsatellite into the orbit of the main orbiter, are considered.

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Eismont, N.A., Zasova, L.V., Simonov, A.V. et al. Venera-D Mission Scenario and Trajectory. Sol Syst Res 53, 578–585 (2019).

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  • Venus, automated interplanetary station
  • mission scenario
  • mission composition