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Orbital dynamics of the planetary system HD 196885


The orbital dynamics of the single known planet in the binary star system HD 196885 has been considered. The Lyapunov characteristic exponents and Lyapunov time of the planetary system have been calculated for possible values of the planetary orbit parameters. It has been shown that the dynamics of the planetary system HD 196885 is regular with the Lyapunov time of more than 5 × 104 years (the orbital period of the planet is approximately 3.7 years), if the motion occurs at a distance from the separatrix of the Lidov–Kozai resonance. The values of the planet’s orbital inclination to the plane of the sky and longitude of the ascending node lie either within ranges 30° < i p < 90° and 30° < Ωp < 90°, or 90° < i p < 180° and 180° < Ωp < 300°.

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