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Asteroid hazard, real problems and practical actions


The paper refers to the current status of asteroid hazard in Russia and abroad. The authors emphasize the relevance of a sober assessment of its real state and specific circumstances working from the principle of reasonable sufficiency. The paper presents a practical approach to the asteroid hazard problem. It consists of a proposal for a mission to the Apophis asteroid and to define the main parameters of this hazardous celestial body. The article also considers how the spacecraft would look, as well as its mission profile for the period of 2012–2014.

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Original Russian Text © I.V. Lomakin, M.B. Martynov, V.G. Pol’, A.V. Simonov, 2009, published in Vestnik FGUP NPO imeni S.A. Lavochkina, 2009, No. 1, pp. 53–62.

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Lomakin, I.V., Martynov, M.B., Pol’, V.G. et al. Asteroid hazard, real problems and practical actions. Sol Syst Res 45, 577–583 (2011).

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  • asteroid hazard
  • small asteroids
  • craters on Earth from asteroid impacts