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Synthesis of Phosphonium Enamines: Physicochemical Properties of Dimethylsulfoxide Solutions


Dimethylsulfoxide solutions of the products of the condensation of formylmethyl(triphenyl)phosphonium chloride with amines of different nature are studied via densitometry, elemental analysis, and IR, 1H NMR, and UV–Vis spectroscopy. Compounds containing carboxyl groups are found to be capable of forming micelles. It is concluded that the substantial drop in the molar volume as the temperature rises for a compound containing butyl radicals suggests the solution contains only one isomer at elevated temperatures.

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Fig. 1.


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This work was performed on equipment at the Molecular Spectroscopy Center of Southern Federal University’s shared scientific resource center.


This work was supported by Southern Federal University; the State Committee for Science, Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia; and Yerevan State University, Republic of Armenia (joint scientific project no. VnGr-07/2017-35).

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