Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry A

, Volume 92, Issue 5, pp 1006–1010 | Cite as

Adsorption of Dyes in Studying the Surface Chemistry of Ultradispersed Diamond

  • T. D. Khokhlova
  • G. R. Yunusova
  • S. N. Lanin
Physical Chemistry of Surface Phenomena


The effect the surface chemistry of ultradispersed diamond (UDD) has on the adsorption of watersoluble dyes is considered. A comparison is made to adsorption on graphitized thermal carbon black (GTCB), which has a homogeneous and nonporous surface. The adsorption isotherms of dyes and the dependence of the adsorption on the pH of solutions are measured. It is found that UDD adsorbs acid (anionic) dyes—acid orange (AO) and acid anthraquinone blue (AAB)—but barely adsorbs a basic (cationic) dye, methylene blue (MB), because of the predominance of positively charged basic groups on the surface of UDD. The maximum adsorption of AO is much lower on UDD than on GTCB, while the maximum adsorption of AAB is similar for both surfaces. The adsorption of AO on UDD depends strongly on the pH of the solution, while the adsorption of AAB is independent of this parameter. It is suggested that the adsorption of AAB is determined not only by ionic and hydrophobic interactions but also by coordination interactions with impurity metal ions on a UDD surface. It is concluded that the adsorption of dyes characterizes the chemistry of a UDD surface with high sensitivity.


adsorption ultradispersed diamond graphitized thermal carbon black dyes 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • T. D. Khokhlova
    • 1
  • G. R. Yunusova
    • 1
  • S. N. Lanin
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of ChemistryMoscow State UniversityMoscowRussia

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