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Join Si-ZnAs2 of the ternary system Zn-Si-As

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The quasi-binary join Si-ZnAs2 of the system Zn-Si-As was studied by physicochemical methods. The congruently melting compound ZnSiAs2 and eutectics Si + ZnSiAs2 and ZnSiAs2 + ZnAs2 are formed along this join. The composition of the eutectic Si + ZnSiAs2 is 90 mol % ZnAs2 and 10 mol % Si; T m = 630°C. The composition of the eutectic ZnSiAs2 + Si is 55 mol % Si and 45 mol % ZnAs2. The component solubilities in ZnSiAs2 do not exceed 1 mol %.

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Correspondence to I. V. Fedorchenko.

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Original Russian Text © I.V. Fedorchenko, T.A. Kupriyanova, S.F. Marenkin, A.V. Kochura, 2008, published in Zhurnal Neorganicheskoi Khimii, 2008, Vol. 53, No. 7, pp. 1224–1229.

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Fedorchenko, I.V., Kupriyanova, T.A., Marenkin, S.F. et al. Join Si-ZnAs2 of the ternary system Zn-Si-As. Russ. J. Inorg. Chem. 53, 1139–1143 (2008). https://doi.org/10.1134/S0036023608070267

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  • Arsenic
  • Differential Thermal Analysis
  • Ternary System
  • Chalcopyrite
  • Component Solubility