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Distribution, Population Structure, and Selected Biological Characteristics of Fish in the Genus Coilia (Engraulidae) in the Mekong Delta


Data on species composition and frequency of occurrence of the grenadier anchovies (Coilia) spp. is reported from the Mekong Delta (Vietnam) based on fieldwork materials. Information about two numerous species C. lindmani and C. rebentischii is obtained with respect to the spatial distribution and influence of various ecological factors on their density. Abundance of the Lindman grenadier anchovy C. lindmani is significantly higher in freshwater part of the delta compared to the estuary. The Multi-fingered grenadier anchovy C. rebentischii occurs only inside the estuary ecotone. The article is concerned with the effects of the environmental factors, such as oxygen content in the water, salinity, depth, and character of streambed substrate. No seasonal and year to year variations have been detected in terms of the population size. Some data on the biological characteristics are reported for the first time.

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This study was conducted on the topic “Ekolan E-3.4 “The Mekong Delta Ecosystem in the Conditions of the Global Climate Changes and Anthropogenic Impact” and as a part of the State Assignment to the Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas of the Russian Academy of Sciences “Regularities of Formation and Anthropogenic Transformation of Biodiversity and Bioresources of the Azov–Black Sea Basin and other Areas of the World Ocean”, project no. АААА-А18-118020890074-2.

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  • Coilia lindmani
  • Coilia rebentischii
  • abundance
  • distribution
  • populational characteristics
  • estuary
  • delta
  • Mekong