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Reproduction, Growth, Mortality and Yield of the Goatfish Upeneus sulphureus in Northern Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh


Information on stock condition and reproductive biology are important for fisheries conservation and management planning. This study examined reproduction, growth, mortality and yield of sulphur goatfish (Upeneus sulphureus Cuvier 1829), which is a low-value food fish abundantly caught as bycatch in artisanal and industrial fishing from the southeast coast of Bangladesh at northern Bay of Bengal. Data were collected monthly obtaining samples from local fish landing center. The gonadosomatic index indicated that U. sulphureus spawns twice a year during January–May and August–October. Fecundity of the fish was positively correlated with the body and gonad weight, and varied from 15 128–97 274 eggs with fish weight 11.30–58.73 g. Monthly length–frequency distribution was analyzed through FISAT software, thus the estimated seasonalized von Bertalanffy growth parameters were L = 21.80 cm, K = 0.54 per year, C = 0.5, WP = 0.1 and Rn = 0.300, respectively. Moreover, the value of seasonalized total mortality coefficient Z (2.24) was smaller than that of the non-seasonalized Z (4.16). The instantaneous natural mortality and fishing mortality, calculated for non-seasonalized total mortality, were 1.31 and 2.86, respectively. Furthermore, the high exploitation rate (E = 0.69) was close to maximum exploitation level (Emax = 0.75) in yield-per-recruit analysis, suggesting that U. sulphureus is being exploited at the MSY (maximum sustainable yield) level. Therefore, further increase in fishing effort may reduce U. sulphureus stocks in the coastal waters of Bangladesh.

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The authors are thankful to undergraduate students of the Institute of Marine Sciences, University of Chittagong who assisted with collection of fish specimens in the field.

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