On the Type Series of Cheilopogon olgae (Exocoetidae)


The type series of Cheilopogon olgae Parin, 2009, is reinvestigated. In the original description of the species, some differences in morphological characters and in label data of type specimens are found. Corrected label data of the paratypes and the map on species distribution of the subgenus Ptenichthys in Australian waters are presented.

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    The specimen of C. intermedius has the following characters: SL 190 mm, D 12, A 9, 28 predorsal scales, 7½ scales in the transverse row (Str), 24 gill rakers, cephaloventral distance 75.0 mm, postventral distance 75.0 mm (data from N.V. Parin’s personal archives, unpublished).


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    Parin, N.V., Cheilopogon olgae (Exocoetidae)—A new species of flying fish from the waters of Western Australia, J. Ichthyol., 2009, vol. 49, no. 3, pp. 271–275.

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We are grateful to A.N. Kotlyar (Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Russian Academy of Sciences) for reviewing of MS.


The study was supported by the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Science and Higher Education (governmental issue no. 0149-2018-0009).

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  • flying fish
  • Ptenichthys
  • Cheilopogon olgae
  • type series
  • distribution
  • Australian waters