On the Morphology of Mekong Blind Sole Typhlachirus elongatus (Soleidae) with Notes on the Taxonomy of the Genus Typhlachirus


The morphological description of a rare species, Mekong blind sole Typhlachirus elongatus, from the Mekong River delta is described. Three species—T. lipophthalmus, T. caecus, and T. elongates—are considered as species included in the genus Typhlachirus. Unfoundedness of placing T. elongatus in the genus of Brachirus is shown.

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We are grateful to A.M. Prokofiev (Institute of Ecology and Evolution) for collecting field materials and data on type specimens of Mekong blind soles from the collection of the National Museum of Natural History (NMNH); to G. Duhamel (NMNH) for X-ray films; and E.D. Vasil’eva (Museum of Zoology, Moscow State University), A.V. Balushkin (Institute of Zoology, Russian Academy of Sciences), and T. Munroe (United States National Museum) for discussion of problems of Mekong blind sole taxonomy. We are particularly grateful to N.A. Veretennikov (Institute of Ecology and Evolution, Russian Academy of Sciences) for the total drawings of Mekong blind sole.

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  • Mekong blind sole Typhlachirus elongatus
  • Mekong delta
  • morphology
  • taxonomy