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The Redescription of Eumicrotremus brashnikowi with Remarks on Validity of E. phrynoides (Cyclopteridae, Cottoidei)

  • O. S. VoskoboinikovaEmail author


The second specimen of Eumicrotremus brashnikowi was found in collection materials of ZIN RAS. The species was placed in the genus Eumicrotremus on the basis of the following diagnostic characters: bone plaques spread all over head and body, including caudal peduncle; two pores in the infraorbital canal of the seismosensory system; pores of the seismosensory system are situated on the ends of long skin tubules on the chin and the lower part of a gill cover. The validity of E. brashnikowi is confirmed by the presence of bone plaques in the form of flat plates covered with very thin and short bone spines forming the rosette. The similar structure of bone plaques was not revealed in juveniles and adult specimens of other species of the genus Eumicrotremus. The redescription of E. brashnikowi is carried out. The considerable similarity of the external skeleton structure of E. brashnikowi and E. phrynoidesis is confirmed. The synonymy of E. phrynoidesis and E. asperrimus is not supported.


Eumicrotremus brashnikowi new find redescription taxonomical status E. phrynoides validity 


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