Journal of Ichthyology

, Volume 58, Issue 2, pp 187–203 | Cite as

Evolution of the Charrs, Genus Salvelinus (Salmonidae). 1. Origins and Expansion of the Species

  • E. V. EsinEmail author
  • G. N. Markevich


The paper reviews the published materials on phylogeny and philogeography of the salmonid fishes belonging to the genus Salvelinus within the framework of allopatric evolution. The present paper provides concise data on the origins of the main groups, the ways of their historical expansion and discusses the formation of the present ranges, taking into account the reconstruction of paleoclimate factors. Issues on the phylogenetic relations between the main groups, dating the major phylogenetic events, as well as the phylogenetic tree topology matchings are discussed here.


charrs Salvelinus lineage phylogeography origin paleoreconstruction 


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