Three New Species of Eustomias (Melanostomiidae) From the Southern Subtropical Waters with the Description of a New Subgenus


Eustomias diplomastiga (28° S, 84° W), E. mavka (36° S, 121° W), and E. kukuevi (23° S, 12° E) spp. n. are described from the southern subtropical waters of Atlantic and Pacific oceans. For the species E. diplomastiga sp. n. and E. crucis, a new subgenus Furcostomias subgen. n. is established. It is different from other subgenera based on the following features: stem of the chin barbel bifurcate at the middle, completely deprived of bulbs, with a pigmented shaft but without the external pigmentation of the stem and branches and without the spots associated with the photophores, the presence of a short ventral furrow, P 2, V 7. A review of the diagnostic features of the subgenera of Eustomias is given.

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  • Eustomias
  • Furcostomias subgen. n.
  • classification of subgenera
  • E. diplomastiga
  • E. mavka
  • E. kukuevi spp. n.
  • Atlantic Ocean
  • Pacific Ocean