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Redescription of Cottus sibiricus and an estimation of differences between this species and Cottus dzungaricus (Cottidae)


The type specimens of Cottus sibiricus and C. dzungaricus as well as individuals from the Olkha River (Yenisei River basin) are studied. The diagnostic features of C. sibiricus are established. Comparative morphological and molecular analysis of divergence between C. sibiricus and C. dzungaricus demonstrates that the differences lie within the limits of one polymorphous species. The rank of Dzungarian sculpin is lowered to the subspecies, C. sibiricus dzungaricus.

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  • Cottus sibiricus
  • Cottus dzungaricus
  • Cottidae
  • morphological variability
  • nucleotide sequences
  • control region
  • Yenisei River