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Revision of the genus Poromitra (Melamphaidae): Part 1. Species of group P. crassiceps

  • A. N. Kotlyar


Revision of mesopelagic fish of the genus Poromitra (family Melamphaidae) has been performed on a large collection material. It has been long considered (Ebeling and Weed, 1973) that the genus includes a small number of species including cosmopolitan P. crassiceps. Eight nominal species were reduced to its synonymy. It is shown that the genus Poromitra includes five groups of species: P. crassiceps, P. cristiceps, P. capito, P. crassa, and P. megalops. Species from the first two groups were previously included into one species, P. crassiceps. For distinguishing groups, several characters were used, of which great importance was assigned to the structure of praeoperculum. In the first part of revision, the redescription of P. crassiceps was performed. It was shown that the species dwells only in the tropical part of the Atlantic Ocean. The validity of P. unicornis (dwells in the western tropical part of the Pacific Ocean), P. coronata (southeastern Atlantic and southwestern part of the Indian Ocean), and of P. rugosa (northeastern part of the Pacific Ocean) was recovered.


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