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Effect of Ni on the Contributions of Superplastic Deformation Mechanisms in an Al–Zn–Mg–Cr Alloy

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Physics of Metals and Metallography Aims and scope Submit manuscript


The influence of nickel on superplasticity characteristics, microstructure evolution and the contribution of acting superplastic deformation mechanisms in the Al–Zn–Mg–Cr based alloys has been studied. In the Al–Zn–Mg–Cr alloy, dispersoids with an average size of 140 nm containing aluminum, chromium, magnesium, and a small amount of zinc are precipitated. In the Al–Zn–Mg–Cr–Ni alloy, additionally an Al3Ni phase has formed. Nickel aluminide provides a more homogeneous and stable grain structure at elevated annealing temperatures and during superplastic deformation at 440°C. An alloying with Ni reduced the average grain size from 7.7 to 7.3 μm before deformation and from 10 to 8.6 μm after straining to 0.69. An increased dislocation density has been found near the Al3Ni particles after deformation. At comparable values of the strain rate sensitivity coefficient (m ≈ 0.6), the presence of Al3Ni particles results in a higher contribution of GBS, and a lower contribution of intragranular dislocation slip, as compared to the alloy without these particles. The alloying with Ni provided a more equiaxed fine-grained structure and an increase in elongations-to-failure.

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TEM was performed at the Center for Collective Use of MISIS “Materials Science and Metallurgy”.


This work was supported by the Russian Federation President Grant for supporting leading scientific schools NSh-1752.2022.4.

The Center for Collective Use of MISIS “Materials Science and Metallurgy” was equipped using the project of the State task of the Russian Federation for the purchase of equipment no. 075-15-2021-696.

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