On New Records of Cephalopod Jaws from the Upper Bajocian (Middle Jurassic) of the Northern Caucasus (Russia, Karachay-Cherkessia)


New finds of cephalopod jaw apparatuses from the upper part of the Niortense Zone and the lower part of the Parkinsoni Zone (Upper Bajocian) from the interfluve of the Kuban and Urup rivers (Northern Caucasus) are described. Two isolated valves of aptychi which are considered to be ammonoid lower jaws are assigned to the superfamilies Haploceratoidea and Stephanoceratoidea. Two upper jaws likely belonged to ammonites with aptychus-type jaw apparatus (Ammonitida). The seven anaptychus-type jaws are assigned to the orders Phylloceratida and Lytoceratida. A well-preserved upper jaw of coleoid affinity is described for the first time from the Mesozoic of the Northern Caucasus.

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The authors are sincerely grateful to all who contributed to the preparation of this work, including O. Nagel (Radeberg, Germany), S. Gräbenstein (Bodelshausen, Germany), M.P. Sherstyukov (Stavropol), and O.V. Trofimov (Rostov-on-Don). Scanning electron microscope photographs were prepared with the assistance of R.A. Rakitov (PIN).


This work was partially supported by project no. 05-18-01070 from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, awarded to one the authors (A.A. Mironenko).

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Correspondence to A. A. Mironenko or V. V. Mitta.

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  • Ammonoidea
  • Coleoidea
  • jaws
  • aptychi
  • anaptychi
  • Middle Jurassic
  • Upper Bajocian
  • Northern Caucasus