Caddisflies (Insecta: Trichoptera) from the Middle Miocene of the Stavropol Region, Russia


A caddisfly fauna from the Middle Miocene of the Stavropol Region (Vishnevaya Balka and Temnolesskaya localities) is described. The formal species Limnephilus kaspievi (Martynova, 1939) is redescribed based on new material, including the hind wings. New genera, Miocenocosmoecus (Limnephilidae) and Calamostavropolia (Calamoceratidae), and eight new species of fossil Trichoptera are described: Limnephilus parakaspievi, L. metakaspievi, L. valliculacerasinus, L. antiquastepposus, Potamophylax martynovorum, Halesus miocenicus, Miocenocosmoecus silvacaliginosus, and Calamostavropolia revolutionaria.

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We are grateful to A.P. Rasnitsyn (PIN) for valuable advice, constructive remarks, and consultations during our work on the paper, to I.A. Goncharova (PIN) for the notes on the manuscript, and to Yu.V. Rostovtseva (Moscow University) for discussion and valuable remarks and also for the unpublished results of lithological analysis of studied rocks.

The work is supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (project nos. 18-04-00322, 18-04-00312) and the Program of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences “Evolution of the Organic World: Role and Impact of Planetary Processes.”

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Correspondence to V. D. Ivanov or S. I. Melnitsky or D. S. Aristov.

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The article is dedicated to the memory of famous Russian paleoentomologist O.M. Martynova

Translated by G. Rautian

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