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Hardware/Software Support for Correlation Detection in Holographic Wavefront Sensors


An algorithm that automatically calculates aberrations in the holographic wavefront sensor scheme previously proposed by the authors is described, which enables measuring aberrations by means of iterative generation of holograms on a phase spatial light modulator (SLM). The practical implementation of this algorithm on the basis of the feedback of the camera and SLM is given. Using the proposed algorithm, defocusing was measured with an accuracy of λ/160.

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We are grateful to V.Yu. Venediktov and G.N. Vishnyakov for a fruitful discussion of the problem.


This work was performed in the Bauman Moscow State Technical University with a financial support from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation as a main part of the state order project no. 3.2236.2017/4.6.

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