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Luminescent properties of compounds of europium(III) with quinaldic acid and β-diketones


We have obtained luminescent complex compounds of europium(III) with quinaldic acid and β- diketones of composition Eu(Quin)2β-dic • Н2О, where Quin is the anion of quinaldic acid, and β-dic is the anion of acetylacetone (acac), benzoylacetone (bzac), or dibenzoylmethane (dbm). The spectral properties of the obtained compounds have been examined. The joint presence of quinaldic acid and β-diketone in the coordination sphere of europium(III) leads to a broadening of the absorption spectral range of the investigated complex compounds. We have found that the “anomalous” Stark structure of luminescence spectra and the luminescence quenching of complexes at 300 K are determined by the occurrence of a high-lying ligand–europium(III) charge-transfer state.

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Original Russian Text © I.V. Kalinovskaya, A.G. Mirochnik, 2015, published in Optika i Spektroskopiya, 2015, Vol. 119, No. 6, pp. 992–995.

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Kalinovskaya, I.V., Mirochnik, A.G. Luminescent properties of compounds of europium(III) with quinaldic acid and β-diketones. Opt. Spectrosc. 119, 997–999 (2015).

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