Piezo-optical properties of incommensurately modulated Rb2ZnCl4 crystals


The effect of uniaxial pressure along the principal crystallophysical directions on dispersion and temperature dependences of birefringence Δn i of Rb2ZnCl4 crystals is studied. Quantity Δn i is found to be fairly sensitive to the uniaxial pressure. Spectral and temperature dependences of the combined piezo-optical coefficients π im 0 are studied. Insignificant anomalies of π im 0 are found around the transition between the incommensurate and commensurate phases. Contributions of electro-optical and elasto-optical effects and the order parameter into spontaneous changes of the piezo-constants are separated.

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  • Soliton
  • Spontaneous Polarization
  • Uniaxial Stress
  • Uniaxial Pressure
  • Spontaneous Change