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Optical properties of nanostructured 2D metal-dielectric photonic crystals with a lattice defect

  • Condensed-Matter Spectroscopy
  • Published:
Optics and Spectroscopy Aims and scope Submit manuscript


Optical properties of 2D nanocomposite-based photonic crystals with a lattice defect are studied. The nanocomposite comprises metallic nanospheres dispersed in a transparent matrix and is characterized by an effective resonant permittivity. Transmission spectrum for s-polarized waves at oblique incidence is calculated. Spectral manifestation of the splitting of the defect mode when its frequency coincides with the resonant frequency of the nanocomposite is studied. The essential dependence of the splitting on the angle of incidence and concentration of metallic nanospheres in the nanocomposite matrix is established. Specific features of spatial distribution of the electric field intensity in defect modes of crystals are analyzed.

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Correspondence to N. V. Rudakova.

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Original Russian Text © N.V. Rudakova, I.V. Timofeev, S.Ya. Vetrov, 2013, published in Optika i Spektroskopiya, 2013, Vol. 115, No. 5, pp. 747–752.

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Rudakova, N.V., Timofeev, I.V. & Vetrov, S.Y. Optical properties of nanostructured 2D metal-dielectric photonic crystals with a lattice defect. Opt. Spectrosc. 115, 660–665 (2013).

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