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On the experimental feasibility of continuous-variable optical entanglement distillation


Entanglement distillation aims at preparing highly entangled states out of a supply of weakly entangled pairs, using local devices and classical communication only. In this note we discuss the experimentally feasible schemes for optical continuous-variable entanglement distillation that have been presented in [D.E. Browne, J. Eisert, S. Scheel, and M.B. Plenio, Phys. Rev. A 67, 062320 (2003)] and [J. Eisert, D.E. Browne, S. Scheel, and M.B. Plenio, Annals of Physics (NY) 311, 431 (2004)]. We emphasize their versatility in particular with regards to the detection process and discuss the merits of the two proposed detection schemes, namely photo-detection and homodyne detection, in the light of experimental realizations of this idea becoming more and more feasible.

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