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Phylogeny of Rhodotorula pinalis and Its Reclassification as Fellozyma pinalis comb. nov.


The type strain Rhodotorula pinalis VKM Y-2963 has been characterized genetically and phylogenetically. The rDNA sequences obtained for the ITS region and D1/D2 domains of LSU have been deposited to NCBI GenBank (OM666053). Strains from the Moscow region, Fellozyma sp. KBP 3851 from Sphagnum mosses and Rh. pinalis VKM Y-2963 from dead conifer needles, were found to be conspecific. The results of phylogenetic analysis suggested that the species Rh. pinalis should be reassigned to the genus Fellozyma. The new combination, Fellozyma pinalis comb. nov., is proposed, MycoBank MB842988.

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The study was supported by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, agreement no. 075-15-2021-1051.

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