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Biodiversity of aerobic methylobacteria associated with the phyllosphere of the southern Moscow region


During the summer period (15–25°C), 34 strains of methylotrophic bacteria associated with different species of herbs, shrub, and trees in Pushchino (Moscow oblast, Russia) were isolated on the medium with methanol. Predominance of pink-colored Methylobacterium strains in the phyllosphere of many plants was confirmed by microscopy, enumeration of the colonies from grass leaves, and sequencing of the 16S rRNA genes. Colorless and yellow-pigmented methylotrophs belonged to the genera Methylophilus, Methylobacillus, Hansschlegelia, Methylopila, Xanthobacter, and Paracoccus. All isolates were able to synthesize plant hormones auxins from L-tryptophan (5−50 μg/mL) and are probably plant symbionts.

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