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Material Composition, Provenances, and Geodynamic Settings of the Accumulation of Cretaceous Deposits in the West Sakhalin Terrane


The results of studying the material composition of sandy rocks in Cretaceous deposits of the West Sakhalin Terrane are considered. Studies were carried out to reconstruct the paleogeodynamic environment of rock deposition in the terrane, as well as to determine the tectonic type and rock composition in the feeding sources (hereafter, provenances). Based on the mineral-geochemical parameters, sandstones in the terrane correspond to graywackes representing deposits of the petrogenic or first redeposition cycle (“first cycle”). Their detrital part includes products of the destruction of both basic–ultrabasic volcanic rocks and granite-metamorphic rocks. The deposits are characterized by a low degree of maturity of the clastic material formed mainly due to the mechanical destruction of rocks in provenances, weak lithodynamic processing of the material, and high rate of its burial. Paleogeodynamic interpretation of the obtained data was based on their comparison with the composition of ancient rocks and modern sediments accumulated in known geodynamic situations. The results obtained indicate that sediments were accumulated in the Cretaceous along the continent–ocean boundary in a basin associated with large-scale left-sided transform slips of the Izanagi Plate relative to the Eurasian continent. The provenance, which supplied the clastic material to this basin, combined the sialic land (granite-metamorphic and sedimentary rocks), a mature deeply dissected ensialic island arc, as well as fragments of the Sikhote-Alin accretion prisms formed with the participation of ophiolites.

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