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Stratigraphy and Depositional Conditions of the Tithonian(?)–Berriasian Deposits in the Tonas River Region (Central Crimea)


The composition and depositional environments of the Tithonian(?)–Berriasian deposits in the Tonas River basin (Central Crimea) are considered. The paper describes the carbonate rock association represented by various types of limestones, breccias, calcareous clays, and marls. Microfacies types of rocks in thin sections are comparable with the standard microfacies formed on the slopes and foothill of carbonate basins. A fault-controlled distally steepened ramp model has been proposed to interpret this depositional environment. Microfacies types of the calcibreccia lithoclasts confirm the gravitational transport of debris from the inner parts of the ramp, thrombolite reefs included. Sections with similar succession are known in the Swiss Alps.

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The authors are grateful to anonymous peers for the constructive remarks that promoted a significant refining of our manuscript.


This work was accomplished under the State Task AAAA-A16-116033010096-8 (MGU) and supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (project no. 16-05-00207a).

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