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Silicified Woods Consist with Malachite, Azurite, and Hematite in the Middle Eocene Çekerek Formation, Tokat—Turkey


In the vicinity of Yücepinar Village of Zile district of Tokat province, there are silicified wood formations in agglomerate levels in the Çekerek formation Middle Eocene aged. These formations consist of well— preserved tree trunks of about 1.5 m in diameter or branches and trunk parts in mm—1 m length. Generally, they are open-brownish cream; in some places they demonstrate dark brown, green, and blue colors. According to XRD and FT-IR analysis results of the samples, it is determined that the silicified wood formations are composed of quartz, cristobalite, malachite, azurite, hematite, graphite, and goethite minerals. According to XRF and ICP-MS analyzes of silicified woods, the high iron content (Fe2O3 8.29–63.79%) in the samples causes red brown color while the increase in copper content (Cu >10 000 ppm) causes blue and green colors. As a result of the cabochon cuts made from the silicified wood samples to be used for jewellery, products which have rich color composition and silky brilliance, keep the polish well and with high-strength are obtained. Particularly because of its color compositions, it is separated from similar silicified wood samples on the Earth. As a result of the surface studies carried out in the study area, it was observed that the silicified wood formations did not propagate much. In order to determine the reserves of these formations, which are thought to have significant economic value, it is necessary to carry out a more detailed exploration activity with trenching and drilling in the region.

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This work was carried out within the scope of the project no. MMF.A3.16.005 supported by Ahi Evran University, Scientific Research Projects Coordination Unit. We would like to thank Ahi Evran University, Scientific Research Projects Coordination Unit, which provided financial support for the realization of this study.

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