Lithology and Mineral Resources

, Volume 54, Issue 1, pp 27–37 | Cite as

Evolution of the Processes of Mineral Formation in Early Vendian Terrigenous Rocks of the Nepa–Botuoba Anteclise

  • A. V. Postnikov
  • O. V. Postnikova
  • E. S. Iz”yurovaEmail author
  • V. V. Poshibaev
  • A. S. Kuznetsov
  • A. D. Iz”yuraov
  • A. E. Kozionov


Main regularities in the manifestation of epigenetic processes in Lower Vendian terrigenous rocks of the Nepa–Botuoba anteclise are established. Evolution of the processes of mineral formation is reflected in the sequential replacement of mineral assemblages formed at different stages of the regional background lithogenesis related to subsidence: diagenesis, early and late catagenesis, as well as superimposement of local processes (cataclastic, hydrothermal-metasomatic, and dynamothermal activation) probably related to the Permo-Triassic trap magmatism. High degree of the alteration of Early Vendian terrigenous rocks in the Nepa–Botuoba anteclise is responsible for their specific texture, composition, and physical properties that should be taken into consideration during geological explorations aimed at prospecting for various mineral resources.



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