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Biogenic Microstructures in Stromatolites of the Baikal–Patom Highland: Results of Complex Study

  • T. V. Litvinova
  • V. N. Sergeev


Precambrian stromatolites were studied with a complex approach including two complementary methods. The biogenic origin of ultramicrostructures examined with SEM was supported by the traditional optical microscopy. The paper addresses columnar-stratiform stromatolites of the Vendian Chencha Formation in the Ura Uplift (Baikal–Patom Highland, Central Siberia) and fossilized remains of coccoidal and filamentous microorganisms therein: cyanobacteria Eoentophysalis, hormogonian cyanobacteria Siphonophycus and, probably, Eomicrocoleus. The unraveled community of stromatolite builders includes the major organisms commonly observed in the Precambrian microbiota. Stromatolites of the Chencha Formation contained not only cyanobacteria, but also remains of eukaryotic microorganisms, including likely testate amoebae and acanthomorphic acritarchs. It is shown that the complex approach rules out incorrect determination of biota and significantly enhances concepts of the origin and formation of stromatolites, as well as the participation of microorganisms in their formation.


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