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Kinetics of the Liquid-Phase Hydrochlorination of Ethanol

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Kinetics and Catalysis Aims and scope Submit manuscript


The results of a study on the kinetics of the liquid-phase hydrochlorination of ethanol with hydrogen chloride are presented. The form of the rate equation, the preexponential factor, the activation energy, and the empirical coefficients that characterize the effect of chloride anion hydration on the reaction rate of ethanol hydrochlorination were determined. The rates of hydrochlorination of monohydric alcohols and polyols were compared based on the examples of methanol, ethanol, 1,2-propylene glycol, and glycerol.

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Correspondence to M. N. Makhin.

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Original Russian Text © M.N. Makhin, G.S. Dmitriev, L.N. Zanaveskin, 2018, published in Kinetika i Kataliz, 2018, Vol. 59, No. 5, pp. 539–542.

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Makhin, M.N., Dmitriev, G.S. & Zanaveskin, L.N. Kinetics of the Liquid-Phase Hydrochlorination of Ethanol. Kinet Catal 59, 553–556 (2018).

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