Redox and Catalytic Properties of Copper Molybdates with Various Composition


Using XRD and temperature-programmed reduction (TPR), phase and structural transformations of copper molybdates Cu3Mo2O9 and CuMoO4 were investigated in the course of their treatment with hydrogen, carbon monoxide or soot. The catalytic properties of copper molybdates Cu3Mo2O9 and CuMoO4 were studied in model oxidation reactions of carbon monoxide and soot. Phase and structural transformations of the molybdates, in particular formation of Cu4–xMo3O12 and Cu6Mo5O18 phases, was shown to have a significant impact on the formation of active state of the catalysts in the model reactions considered.

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  • copper molybdates
  • temperature-programmed reduction
  • phase and structural transformations
  • CO oxidation
  • soot oxidation