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The structure and morphology of vertically aligned CNT (VACNT) arrays grown by CVD on Fe–Al2O3/Si(001) substrates are studied using scanning and high-resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM) methods and Raman scattering. It is established that reproducible growth of continuous VACNT arrays is achieved only if the deposited Fe layer is at least 2 nm thick, while the particle size of the catalyst formed by annealing at 700 °C varies in a range of 2-10 nm and the array consists mainly of single- and double-walled CNTs with a diameter of 1-6 nm. The Raman spectrum is characterized by the presence of a radial breathing mode in the region 95-232 cm–1 and an intense G mode that is split into peaks at 1594 cm–1 and 1568 cm–1 upon laser excitation at the wavelength λ = 785 nm. According to the literature data, both modes indicate predominantly semiconductor nature of tubes in the array. The measured surface resistance of the VACNT array is 320±20 Ω/□.

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This work was conducted within the State Assignment 20411.1950192501.11.003 of 29.12.20 (the code 17705596339200009540) using the equipment of ISP Center of shared-use facility “Nanostructures”.

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  • carbon nanotubes
  • CVD process
  • CNT array
  • high-resolution transmission electron microscopy
  • scanning electron microscopy
  • Raman scattering.