Study of Acidic (Tetracaprolactam) Dodecamolybdosilicate of the Composition (C6H11NO)4.5Н4[SiМо12O40]


New caprolactam dodecamolybdosilicate of the composition (C6H11NO)4.5Н4[SiМо12O40] (I) is synthesized. Chemical and crystallographic analyses, NMR and IR spectroscopic studies are performed. Compound I is found to crystallize in the monoclinic system with the space group P21/n. Unit cell parameters are: a = 19.945(4) Å, b = 13.340(3) Å, c = 28.110(6) Å, β = 110.75(3)°, ρcalc = 2.232 g/cm3, М = 2350.63, Z = 4, V = 6994(3) Å3.

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Correspondence to A. F. Stepnova.

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Original Russian Text © 2018 A. F. Stepnova, G. Z. Kaziev, P. V. Dorovatovskii, Ya. V. Zubavichus, Saúl Holguín Quiñones, Nguen Van Bang, V. N. Khrustalev.

Translated from Zhurnal Strukturnoi Khimii, Vol. 59, No. 3, pp. 649–656, March-April, 2018.

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  • synthesis
  • heteropolycompound
  • polyoxometallates
  • caprolactam
  • structural analysis