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Propagation of harmonic perturbations in a thermoelastic medium with heat relaxation


The propagation of plane harmonic waves in a thermoelastic medium with heat-flux relaxation is studied; in particular, the dependences of the temperature and displacement on the coordinate are analyzed in a coupled formulation. The dependences of the group and phase velocities on frequency are investigated. The influence of the frequency and parameters of the material on the amplitude of thermoelastic waves is examined. The results are compared with the available results obtained using classical thermoelasticity theory.

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Translated from Prikladnaya Mekhanika i Tekhnicheskaya Fizika, Vol. 54, No. 2, pp. 126–137, March–April, 2013.

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  • hyperbolic thermoelasticity theory
  • Maxwell-Cattaneo law
  • heat-flux relaxation
  • wave transport of heat
  • second sound