Observation of the “Burst-Like Growth” Mode on 4He Crystals Nucleated in a Metastable Liquid

On crystals containing growth defects, the “burst-like growth” mode, i.e., a sharp acceleration of the growth of facets, has been implemented. This has confirmed the hypothesis that the same physical mechanisms are responsible for the transition of facets in the state of anomalously rapid growth at high and low temperatures. It has been found that the transition from the fast to slow kinetics of crystal facet growth is stepwise. It has been established that the relaxation of the kinetic coefficient of growth is similar to the relaxation of the elastic moduli of the crystal after the fast growth stage. The kinetic coefficients of crystal growth at fast and slow growth stages have been determined.

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I am grateful to V.V. Dmitriev for the possibility of performing this work at the Kapitza Institute for Physical Problems, to V.V. Zav’yalov for support of this work, to S.N. Burmistrov for stimulating discussions, and to V.S. Kruglov for interest in the work.

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