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Atom—Field Correlations in the Weak-Excitation Limit of Absorptive Optical Bistability


We calculate the steady-state and first-order time varying atom—field correlation functions in the weak-excitation limit of absorptive optical bistability from a linearized theory of quantum fluctuations. We formulate a Fokker—Planck equation in the positive P representation following the phase-space analysis in [H. J. Carmichael, Phys. Rev. A 33, 3262 (1986)], which is suitable for the determination of cross-correlations as it does not resort to adiabatic elimination. Special emphasis is placed on the limit of collective strong coupling as attained from a vanishing photon-loss rate. We compare to the cavity-transmission spectrum with reference to experimental results obtained for macroscopic dissipative systems, discussing the role of anomalous correlations arising as distinct nonclassical features.

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I am grateful to Prof. H.J. Carmichael for instructive discussions and guidance.

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Correspondence to Th. K. Mavrogordatos.

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I acknowledge the support of the Swedish Research Council (VR) alongside the Knut and Alice Wallenberg foundation (KAW).

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