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Doping induced spin state transition in Li x CoO2 as studied by the GGA + DMFT calculations


The magnetic properties of Li x CoO2 for x = 0.94, 0.75, 0.66, and 0.51 are investigated within the method combining the generalized gradient approximation with dynamical mean field theory (GGA + DMFT). A delicate interplay between Hund’s exchange energy and t 2g e g crystal field splitting is found to be responsible for the high-spin to low-spin state transition for Co4+ ions. The GGA + DMFT calculations show that the Co4+ ions at a small doping level adopt the high-spin state, while delithiation leads to an increase in the crystal field splitting and low-spin state becomes preferable. The Co3+ ions are found to stay in the low-spin configuration for any x values.

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