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An Acousto-Optical Summator–Modulator of Laser Radiation


The acousto-optic method of summing the power of two lasers of the same type with modulation and intensity control is based on the simultaneous diffraction of two laser beams in one acousto-optic paratellurite crystal on one acoustic wave. For lasers with wavelengths from 400 to 1000 nm, the frequency range of acoustic waves is 30–5 MHz. The method is applicable to both continuous and pulsed lasers. Using the example of the addition of the powers of continuous semiconductor lasers (power 10 W and wavelength 532 nm), it is shown that the total power was 19.2 W.

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This work was carried out at the expense of budgetary funding within the framework of the state assignment on the topic 0030-2019-0014.

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