High-Temperature Heat Capacity and Thermodynamic Properties of HoBiGeO5 and ErBiGeO5


Polycrystalline HoBiGeO5 and ErBiGeO5 samples have been prepared by solid-state reactions, by firing stoichiometric mixtures of Ho2O3 (Er2O3), Bi2O3, and GeO2. The effect of temperature on the heat capacity of the synthesized compounds has been investigated by differential scanning calorimetry in the range 350–1000 K. The experimental Cp(T) data have been used to evaluate the thermodynamic functions of bismuth holmium and bismuth erbium germanates: enthalpy increment, entropy change, and reduced Gibbs energy.

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  • solid-state synthesis
  • bismuth holmium and bismuth erbium germanates
  • high-temperature heat capacity
  • thermodynamic properties