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Influence of the degree of order and nonstoichiometry on the microstructure and microhardness of titanium monoxide


The influence of the degree of order and nonstoichiometry on the microstructure of TiO y titanium monoxide has been studied. The microstructure of substoichiometric, stoichiometric, and superstoichiometric titanium monoxide samples has been found to be determined by the presence of various ordered phases, which nucleate and grow in a matrix consisting of the high-temperature, cubic phase. The microhardness of titanium monoxide has been shown to depend on both nonstoichiometry and the degree of order, ranging from 9.9 to 14.0 GPa. The microhardness of the ordered monoxide exceeds that of the disordered monoxide, which is due to the formation of domains of an ordered phase, which hinder dislocation motion.

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  • titanium monoxide
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