Growth of thin CdS films on glass substrates via reaction of thiourea with cadmium acetate in aqueous solution


Thin CdS films have been produced by chemical surface deposition from aqueous solutions of cadmium acetate, Cd(CH3COO)2. We have studied the morphology and optical properties of the CdS films and calculated the mechanical stress induced by the difference in linear thermal expansion coefficient between the film and substrate materials.

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Original Russian Text © G.A. Il’chuk, I.V. Kurilo, V.V. Kus’nezh, R.Yu. Petrus’, P.I. Shapoval, R.R. Guminilovich, M.V. Partyka, S.V. Tokarev, 2014, published in Neorganicheskie Materialy, 2014, Vol. 50, No. 8, pp. 822–828.

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Il’chuk, G.A., Kurilo, I.V., Kus’nezh, V.V. et al. Growth of thin CdS films on glass substrates via reaction of thiourea with cadmium acetate in aqueous solution. Inorg Mater 50, 762–767 (2014).

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  • Deposition Time
  • Linear Thermal Expansion Coefficient
  • Cadmium Acetate
  • Infrared Spectral Region
  • Interband Optical Transition