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Photochemical transformations of sphingosine and serinol in aqueous and ethanol solutions


It has been established that the main products of the direct photolysis of C15-sphingosine and serinol are 2-tridecenal and glycolaldehyde, which are formed as a result of C–C bond cleavage in the parent compounds. It has been shown that the addition of hydrogen peroxide and acetone to the test solutions extended the range of the photolysis products due to the occurrence of deamination processes. The set of the experimental data has made it possible to propose mechanisms for the photochemical reactions of C15- sphingosine and serinol fragmentation, which occur through the steps of the formation of N- and C-centered radicals.

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Original Russian Text © A.G. Lisovskaya, K.O. Procenko, O.I. Shadyro, 2017, published in Khimiya Vysokikh Energii, 2017, Vol. 51, No. 5, pp. 337–342.

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