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Ground-based observations and simulation of ionospheric VLF source in experiments on modification of the polar ionosphere

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Geomagnetism and Aeronomy Aims and scope Submit manuscript


The phase velocities of TE and TEM waves at frequencies of 1017 and 3017 Hz, as well as the effect of precipitations during auroras on the velocities, are estimated in the Earth–ionosphere waveguide on the basis of observations of electromagnetic fields of an ionospheric source in experiments on modification of the lower ionosphere by a modulated high-power short-wave signals performed by the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI) at the EISCAT/Heating test bench in October 2016. Probable electron density profiles in the plane-stratified ionosphere are retrieved from the numerical solution of a wave equation, which are used for the calculation of the phase velocities close to measured ones.

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Original Russian Text © O.M. Lebed’, Yu.V. Fedorenko, N.F. Blagoveshchenskaya, A.V. Larchenko, V.F. Grigor’ev, S.V. Pil’gaev, 2017, published in Geomagnetizm i Aeronomiya, 2017, Vol. 57, No. 6, pp. 751–759.

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Lebed’, O.M., Fedorenko, Y.V., Blagoveshchenskaya, N.F. et al. Ground-based observations and simulation of ionospheric VLF source in experiments on modification of the polar ionosphere. Geomagn. Aeron. 57, 698–705 (2017).

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